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Medical Transportation Services

Non-emergency medical transportation service is scheduled well in advance for an individual who will be admitted to a hospital for a period ranging from a few hours to several days. Healthcare professionals like these specialized services mainly due to their neutrality and reliability. If you know someone whose condition requires urgent medical assistance, you must avail this service to be prepared for anything.

Medical transport is the transportation of a patient from one hospital to another regardless of whether he is admitted or discharged. You can easily book this transportation using the internet or through phone. The mode of transportation generally used is either air sea or land transportation. There are many instances when individuals who were victims of accidents travel to other countries via medical transport services. Even though there are various types of medical transportation, they all require an individual to have a valid medical insurance cover before being allowed to board the plane or ship.

Air medical transportation is one of the most popular modes used to transport a patient from one hospital to another, depending on the severity of the situation. The patient is boarded onto the plane and taken to the location of the hospital where he will be given first aid and ambulance service. Once the plane land, the patient is taken to the vehicle that will be driven to the next destination. This type of medical transportation takes about two hours and the patient can recover in less than forty-eight hours.

Sea ambulatory medical transportation services make short trips to the shore for minor medical care of individuals who are stranded at sea. A nurse will accompany the patient and drive him to the nearest hospital once a suitable vessel is identified. The nurse will then drive the Medicaid patient to the shore or another destination. The cost of this service is usually very affordable.

Land/ airlock medical transportation services are ideal for transporting patients who must undergo surgery or are recuperating from an operation. This service is most often reserved for emergency medical care wherein a patient needs to be airlifted to a specialist hospital for treatment. These types of services are available for low cost or no cost at all.

Choosing a medical transportation service is dependent on your medical condition and medical needs. You can choose any type of transportation for your medical condition depending on the urgency of your situation and time constraints. The prices charged are also based on various factors like the urgency of the call, proximity of destination and medical history of the patient. Most of these ambulance services use Gulfstream aircraft because it is the fastest route between major cities. They also offer additional services like medical monitoring and transportation of immobilized patients.

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