Drug Education in Schools

Drug addiction is a very common problem in our society today. More and more people are affected by this, including young people. When a child reaches adolescence, he will fall a lot of changes in physical and emotional things. His personality will change. This is a very critical stage in everyone’s life. Sometimes, they will feel that this change is very serious and that people don’t understand it. They will then join the group that they find as their ‘friends’. Later, we found out they were acting recklessly, and it was very difficult to stop it. During that time, they can be very open to using drugs.

Schools were alerted with these kinds of acts so they tried to find a way to prevent drug addiction with the youth. They came up with a solution by conducting drug education in schools. It is now being taught in elementary and high schools students. It is very important for the youth to have knowledge of how drugs can harm their lives. They will be aware of the dangers of using it, and the effects it can give to them as well as their family. People’s lives have been drenched with the usage of illegal drugs. Some people use them because they do not have any briefing of how it will destroy their whole being.

When students are being taught about drug addiction, they will learn how to avoid the things that might trigger them in using it. Once they know it, they can run away from situations wherein they can be tempted. It will also teach them how to avoid friends that are using drugs. Most of drug addiction cases today are influence by their friends and acquaintances. Learn how to choose people that a person can mingle with by taking drug education sessions.

Once a teenager has been taught and educated about drugs, they can better avoid them and we can prevent more cases of illegal drug using with the youth. Drugs can give a sudden pleasurable effect on someone, but the dangers could be endless. We do not want ourselves and the younger ones to suffer from a mistake that is not noticed by many. The school is one of the places where they can be taught on how to take care of them and become better citizens of the society, so teaching drug education is a must.