Make Yourself Eligible by Headhunters

Headhunter is a consulting service that is trusted by companies to find top professionals or senior executives with specific expertise to occupy strategic positions in a company. Headhunters look for the best candidates for certain positions according to the needs of the client company, especially for the upper levels, such as CEOs, managers, heads of division, IT personnel and so on. Before starting the search, headhunters will look for information about the candidate’s qualifications from the client company, usually in the form of expertise, work experience, skills, mental attitude, etc.

Headhunters receive orders from client companies to find the right candidate to occupy an important position. When the headhunter has successfully recruited a candidate, he will not charge any payments or send an invoice to the candidate. The headhunter will only charge the payment to the client company in accordance with the amount agreed at the beginning of the negotiations and be written into the terms of business that are jointly signed. This recruitment method is widely used by professional companies to add one or several employees. The company also does not need to pay more.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find jobs that are within our capabilities. But we are lucky because information technology continues to grow so that each candidate can find and choose jobs easily according to expertise on the internet. The internet also helps headhunters to find candidates in accordance with client company expectations. However, as a candidate you cannot be passive, you must promote yourself on various job search sites. If necessary, do some online skills tests to convince the headhunter that you deserve a strategic position in the company.

There are several things you can do to be known by headhunters. They are, connect with social media job seekers, make a good resume, build a network, take online courses, and improve your resume.

The most recommended social media for marketing skills and abilities is LinkedIn. This social media is very helpful for job seekers to get their jobs. Please create an account and enter important information about yourself such as information on expertise, educational background, qualifications, etc.

Do you want to be immediately known and contacted by the headhunter? If so, then make an interesting resume that matches your line of work and expertise. Headhunters always prioritize candidates who have the best abilities in their field.

Networking is a valuable long-term foundation for professional relationships. Indeed, when you attend a networking event and update social media, you don’t get a job right away, but connecting with professionals in your industry can help to open up opportunities in the future.

If you are interested in one area of ​​work and you haven’t gotten a job call, it’s a good idea to take additional courses to add skills, experience and knowledge. Some courses may be able to increase selling points and differentiate you from other candidates.

If you get the latest experience and education, it’s better to update your resume that has been uploaded on social media. An updated resume will attract the attention of the headhunter. This update also shows that you are a dynamic and active person.